Middle name is actually Sunshine. Ironically burns easily and struggles with depression. Operates predominantly on the Holy Spirit and iced coffee. Can’t pass up a dark comedy. Passionate about hard conversations.

I’m glad you made your way to my slice of the internet. I’m a Believer, wife, mama and small business owner with a passion for writing. I believe in taking risks and God’s redemptive power over all things - especially the bad things. PTSD and depression fueled my passion for writing and initiating hard conversations. I write to heal and inspire others to do the same.

This little slice of the internet is centered around
- the genuine and imperfect kind
Family - motherhood, mixed family, handsome older husband definitely included
Freedom - from things we’re not meant to carry
I also post devotional thoughts from my daily life under “Daily Life Devos”

I hope you’ll pull up a chair, sip an iced coffee (if that’s your thing), and join me for some dark humor, thoughts on faith, and hard conversations.